About Mrs Jinx

Who am I kidding?  For a long time now I was trying to figure out how to irk out a living by providing web hosting services.  There are many obstacles in my way such as I don't have the focus necessary to dedicate myself to the project, I haven't been diagnosed but I do believe I suffer from ADD - I am like a fly, flittering from place to place.  I really don't have the technical skills to help people when the shit really does hit the fan, and the list of reasons could go on and on.  But I could still help people even though there is no monetary value in it, but it would be good for the soul and help me through a rough time which I am having right now.

There is not much in the way of work where I live, especially if you're 53 and your skills are out of date.  But I finally found a job I liked and my financial situation changed from scraping by to buying a full cart of groceries.  I felt I finally lucked out - great company, good hours, friendly people to work for/with and then I was on my way to work and missed the step.  That's right I rolled my ankle but this time I broke it.  Off for 6-8 weeks, no weight bearing and use useless crutches.

And I really like my job; when I started working I thought to myself "Yes I can do this job the hub's retirement in 9-10 years, no problem".  Now what do I do?  Will they hold my job?  I was only a month into my 3-month probation but I know I was doing well, they brought me in 5 days a week and I was part time.  To be honest I just want to get back to work, it made me feel like I was accomplishing something.  I could finally say, "Hey, I've worked 40 hours this week.".  So that is the rough time I am going through.  But I am hopeful that I am liked enough as well as deemed as an asset to the company to be welcomed back.

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I look forward to helping you.